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Ojai Viewpoint overlooking the valley

About Us

At Mountain to Mat, we believe the best way to discover the inner self is to be out in nature.  Our mission is to inspire and cultivate the exploration of the outdoors and the heart through hiking & yoga excursions, wellness retreats, meditation and energy healing

Mountain to Mat is located in Ojai, California, nestled in a secluded valley surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  Sitting on Chumash land, Ojai is known as a vortex where spiritual-seekers have flocked over generations for rejuvenation and to journey inward to the soul


We offer a wide range of experiences both in Ojai and abroad, with the goal of helping you deepen your connection to your heart, soul and surroundings


Mountain to Mat is founded by yoga & meditation teacher, healing arts practitioner and spiritual seeker, Lyndsay Pennington


A former media executive and event producer for nearly two decades, Lyndsay used yoga and meditation to help cope with a high-stress corporate environment.  After finding deep healing from anxiety and depression through her own practice, she went on to study Yoga & Healing Sciences at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California  


Since then, it has been her intention to help others heal and connect with their true nature.  Her teaching style incorporates meditation, yoga, energy work, breathwork and sound healing to honor and support each individual’s spiritual journey


Whether holding space for expectant or new moms, seasoned yogis or beginner practitioners, Lyndsay’s classes create a safe and accessible environment to explore, reconnect and uplift.  Her goal is to meet others wherever they may be in their path to help develop personal discovery and a deep connection with their soul


In addition to teaching and supporting others, Lyndsay is also the Executive Director of Meditation Mount, a non-profit spiritual center in Ojai, California.  Always a student herself, she continues to learn and grow on this upward spiral of spiritual evolution.  She has so much gratitude to her teachers, mentors and guides during this incarnation

Meet Lyndsay

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