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Lyndsay Pennington works with Reiki energy and Sound Healing in her sessions

Each healing session includes a consultation and guided meditation

to attune your subtle energy, align chakras, and heal from within

Energy Healing

Reiki Session

Relax, rejuvenate and align during a Reiki session with Lyndsay.  Reiki is an ancient healing modality used to help align subtle energies and improve well-being.  In addition to hands-on Reiki healing, Lyndsay uses singing bowls, aromatherapy and crystals to clear and stimulate the senses

Each session is 1.5 - 2 hours and includes a consultation, intention setting ceremony and deep meditation.  Sessions can be booked either at Lyndsay's studio in Ojai or long-distance virtually

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Sound Healing

Journey inward and attune your chakras during a Sound healing session with Lyndsay.  Each session includes breath work and meditation before settling into a relaxing sound bath incorporating crystal singing bowls tuned to the vibrational qualities of each of your seven chakras, the harmonium, ocean drum, Tibetan cymbals and tongue drum.  

Sound healing sessions can be booked privately or for small groups either in Lyndsay's studio in Ojai or at the client's residence

I have never done Reiki remotely before and was a little skeptical it would have the same effect. Boy was I wrong! Lyndsay took the time to settle into our breath and focus our intentions before starting the healing. As we wrapped up, she pinpointed an area she noticed in my left leg. She had no clue I had been seeing my chiropractor for this exact issue! I was amazed. I felt so relaxed after our session and look forward to the next.

Denise Loughlin

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Ojai, CA 93023


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