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My journey to Meditation Mount

As you might know, I serve as the Executive Director of Meditation Mount, where I also teach yoga and meditation.

Driving to work the other day, I felt called to share my story of how I came here and the magic that has happened since.

This photo was taken just before I started teaching here, back in 2021. Shortly after this was taken, my little girl, Kali Aura, decided to come into the world. I found out I was pregnant a month after, and I know it’s because I was in the right place and this was the right environment for her to be born into

My journey getting here wasn’t linear per-say, as many seldom are. For about 15 years prior I had been working in the TV/ Media world - a MUCH different environment. I had been a writer, producer, creative director, and the VP, working my way quickly, aggressively, and not always gracefully up the ladder in the entertainment business which can be pretty ruthless at times.

For years I had been feeling a tug away from that life and into one that felt more aligned. For years, I had stressed and pushed and tried to think through how I would take a leap out to… something better. It took me years, because first I had to learn that you can’t think yourself to it. I had to learn how to listen and trust

In 2016, after visiting Meditation Mount on a trip to Ojai before the Thomas Fires (this photo is from my first visit!) I felt a call to study yoga and healing sciences at Loyola Marymount. I enrolled in their @lmuyogastudies program in 2018 and continued working while I received my Yoga Teachers Certificate and studied under some of the most inspiring teachers in the world. I had no idea what I would do, if I even wanted to teach, but I listened to my gut and did it. I am so thankful I did

Over the course of the next three years I taught some, stressed and thought about it a lot, talked endlessly to family and friends about my fears of leaving a career I had worked so hard to get to the top of (thank you to all of my support system who offered guidance and such patience!)

Then, in 2020, after my postponed Ojai wedding, the call to move to Ojai came through loud and clear

We had been coming to Ojai for years, visiting Meditation mount each time until the Thomas Fires forced it to close and rebuild. The pull to come back to Ojai was largely because of what I felt while I was at the Mount. I felt the ability to listen to my soul’s calling, to my heart, and to understand and appreciate my own uniqueness (or what I now call, Essential Nature). And a deep sense of connection and that I’d be ok

Within two weeks, we got our home and were moving. The unfolding of my involvement at Meditation Mount opened up just as easy, with pure intention, grace and what I know now is divine timing

Now, years later I am so honored to deepen my relationship with Meditation Mount, with all of those beings who guide its mission and with all of those who come here and have their own experience of touching into their soul’s calling

If you have felt the things I have, been wandering down a path that doesn’t feel aligned,

I encourage you to take your time, give yourself grace and TRUST. Trust and know, follow your heart, and stop thinking you can predict and think it all into being. The universe has great things in store for you when you open and lead with your heart!

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