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At Mountain to Mat, our events and retreats bring you closer to nature and your soul

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Ojai Full Moon Experience

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Mountain to Mat and Ojai Labyrinth invite you to a one of a kind full moon ceremony experience in Ojai, California. Sitting on Chumash land, Ojai is known as a vortex where spiritual-seekers have flocked over generations for rejuvenation and to journey inward to the soul. The Ojai Labyrinth offers one of the most spectacular night-sky viewing experiences in the ‘Valley of the moon’, with 360 degree views of the valley, from the moon rise over the Topa Topa Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

The Ojai Full Moon Experience begins with a 15 minute meditative walk in nature to the top of the labyrinth and viewpoint. From here, guests will be guided through a practice intended to bring a deeper connection to the heart and soul. This includes breath work, a gentle asana yoga suitable for all bodies and experiences, and reflection journaling and sharing circle.  We close with a sound meditation accompanied by crystal singing bowls, ocean drum, koshi chimes and Tibetan bells as the moon rises over the Topa Topa mountains.

Fall Equinox

Join us at Meditation Mount, on Sunday, September 24th from 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm for a transformative Fall Equinox event to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. As the autumnal equinox marks the delicate balance between light and darkness, we invite you to immerse yourself in deep introspection and connection.


Guided by experienced practitioners, Lyndsay Pennington, Kelly Jean Anderson, and Rachel Garahan, our event will feature an array of soul-nourishing activities:


  • Creative Meditation to connect the group heart

  • Breathwork to deepen your presence

  • Vocal Toning to awaken your inner resonance

  • Sound Healing to harmonize your energies

  • Guided Insight Journaling to process and capture your reflections


The Fall Equinox is all about balance, duality, preparation, and abundance.  Recalibrate and return to center as these themes guide us into the next chapter of the year.


Whether you're seeking to release what no longer serves you or to embrace new beginnings, our Fall Equinox gathering offers a sacred space for you to honor the changing seasons within and around you. Come celebrate this time of transition, healing, and renewal as we welcome the Fall Equinox together in harmony and unity.

The class will begin with centering breath-work and a guided meditation. We’ll then incorporate movement with a gentle yoga asana by Lyndsay, as Kelly Jean creates live soundscapes to move to with a variety of magical instruments.

The journey continues with a voice activation practice where we will learn the healing power of our own voices through vocal toning.

The class will conclude by using the breath as a tool to dive deeper into self exploration, while immersed in sacred healing resonance and sound vibrations.

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The Heart Awakened Retreat

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Join us as we journey deeper into a heart centered relationship with ourselves, each other, and the world around us through loving kindness, appreciation, self love, and forgiveness at The Heart Awakened, a multiple day retreat at Meditation Mount in Ojai, California 

During this retreat, you will engage in lessons, meditation, workshops, yoga, breath-work and sound, allowing you to connect deeply with your heart and essential nature while being supported and nurtured by the community and teachers of Meditation Mount.  The group setting will include a maximum of twenty participants, with limited space to stay overnight at Garden House at Meditation Mount.  Lunch will be provided for all three days for all participants, while continental breakfast will also be provided for those staying overnight at Meditation Mount

The Heart Awakened is your invitation to show up with an open heart for yourself and the betterment of Gaia.  Join us this November at Meditation Mount in Ojai, California


“The full moon circle was everything I hoped it would be.  Beautiful, magical.  Lyndsay and Pippa could not be kinder.  It was truly an enchanted experience."

Dawn, Camarillo, CA

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