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Full Moon in Aries Energy Report - September 2023

Welcome to your September 2023 Full Moon in Aries energy report. Below you will find details about this full moon and a guide to create your own space to honor the end of this lunar cycle

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The Full Moon is the close of the lunar cycle and a time for us to rest, release and reflect. It allows us the space to pause and be present with all that has transpired over the past cycle so that we may evolve, learn, grow and heal. Our inner worlds create our outer manifestation - our physical bodies and the world we live in. The practice of honoring the gifts of the full moon allows each of us to be a part of building a more compassionate and enlightened humanity

Each Full Moon has unique energies based on the planetary alignments at the time. The full moon in Aries takes place at 2:57 am Pacific Time on Friday, September 29th, 2023. The moon will be in Aries with the sun in Libra. This is the last of four consecutive supermoons, which means the Earth is very close to the Moon’s orbit and the energy may feel heightened, while drawing past illusions to be brought to light.

The full moon in Aries is about disruption and drama; while the sun in Libra is about harmony, relationship and cohesiveness. Energetically, this is a time that may feel dynamic, fiery, and controversial. It is a time to look at big bold changes we can make or challenges to the status quo for the goal of moving us closer to liberation, freedom, and justice.

Uranus is heavily aspected and highlighted right now as well, which allows us to bring brilliant out of the box ideas to look at new systems surrounding our health, finances and economy

All of these alignments will be enabling us to move out of the mind, towards our intuition and higher knowing for the purpose of serving greater good. It’s a time to tune into our guides and inherent inner wisdom, make bold decisions and fight for what is right. Given that this moon is also at the start of Autumn, this is also a perfect time to slow down and look at what we can shed and let go of so that we may continue to evolve to our highest self

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